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FIX Logistix can help.


We bring a fresh and powerful approach to your supply chain and logistics management challenges.


In addition to expert knowledge of current methods and tools, we have many years of hands-on experience. Our consultants are industry insiders. We’ve personally worked every aspect of logistics management, from driving forklifts to C-suite positions.


This unique combination of knowledge and on-the-job experience means we are ideally positioned to provide the most effective solutions for your business. We’ve practiced what we preach! Contact us for your {free} consultation today.


How WE Can Help You

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We help traders, manufacturers, retailers and distributors with:

  • Supply chain strategy and design

  • Outsourcing logistics functions: freight, warehousing, fulfillment, domestic transport, and final mile delivery

  • Operations support, continuous improvement, and solution engineering

  • Personnel solutions

  • Digital transformation, systems, and technology support

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We help 3rd party logistics service providers long on opportunities but short on resources:

  • Commercial and product strategy, building value proposition, and business planning

  • Customer solution design, business cases, and proposals

  • Marketing and sales support

  • Operations support, continuous improvement, and solution engineering

  • Personnel solutions

  • Digital transformation, systems and technology support

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We support digital transformation, systems, and technology initiatives

We select and implement supply chain software systems:

  • Warehouse Management (WMS)

  • Transportation Management (TMS)

  • Yard Management (YMS)

  • Order Management (OMS)

We help integrate trading partners and stakeholders:

  • ERP and order management

  • Carriers

  • Online marketplaces

  • Warehouses

  • Retailers

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We provide operations support, continuous improvement, and solution engineering

  • Process benchmarking and assessment

  • Warehouse layouts and design

  • Materials handling equipment and automation

  • Order management

  • Packaging design and solutions

  • Transportation and carrier management

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We provide personnel solutions

  • Management

  • Labor solutions

  • Lumper and turn-key cost per unit services

  • Project management

  • Interim management

  • Training and training programs

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FIX Logistix – How We Work

  • Agile methodology: We deliver focused, fast, and actionable results

  • Pragmatic data philosophy: We enable information-based decision making, but don’t get stuck in data collection

  • Effective: We keep solutions simple and avoid “over-solving”

  • Qualified: We know our strengths, and leverage subject matter experts when venturing outside our areas of expertise

  • Transparent: No surprises. Transparency before, during and after the assignment. We work with SOWs and agreements

  • Reliable: We deliver on time and in full

  • Professional: We provide excellent returns on your investment

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