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Private Equity

We help investment teams with:

Operational Due Diligence.

Market Analysis

Contract Reviews

Improving brands logistics post-acquisition

Operations due diligence (ODD) for investors


When constructing their investment thesis, investors typically prioritize legal, Quality of Earnings (QofE), competitor, industry, and HR diligence, yet they frequently overlook the critical need to engage logistics operations professionals for a thorough review of operations processes and systems. This oversight often leads to misinterpretation of synergies and scalability, resulting in inaccurate projections and overstated valuations.


Fix Logistix addresses this gap by assisting investors, venture capital (VC), private equity (PE), and/or mergers and acquisitions (M&A) teams in evaluating targets within the logistics industry, especially concerning warehousing and distribution.


We collaborate with other professionals on your team to enhance your due diligence efforts with a professional assessment of the target's operations and systems, the supporting personnel, and their capacity and scalability, ensuring alignment with your investment thesis while mitigating the risks associated with inaccurately projected valuations.

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