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3rd Party Logistics (3PL)

We help 3PLs with:

Sales & Marketing Support

Portfolio Management

Business Review & Turnaround

Benchmarking vs
industry best practices
(costs and service).

Process re-engineering
Talent Placement

Contract Reviews

Business review and turn around management for 3PLs


Many are surprised to learn that approximately 35% of the 8,000+ third-party warehouse service providers in the USA are not profitable.


While some companies may grapple with underutilized real estate, this is often a temporary setback.


More often, the issues are structural. Struggling warehouse providers commonly face the dual challenge of underpriced services and high variable labor costs.


Necessary rate increases often fail to match rising labor costs and scope creep, while efficiency and productivity management lag behind changing market realities.


The descent into negative net income can be gradual and challenging to halt.


Fix Logistix equips management and owners with the tools and insights to reverse this trend through disciplined approaches such as portfolio management, price benchmarking, labor planning, and process improvement.

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