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Brands & BCOs

We help brands traders, manufacturers, retailers and distributors with:

Supply Chain Re-engineering,
Optimization, COG, etc.

Search and select sites,
logistics service providers (3PL)
& technology

RFP & RFQ Management

Benchmarking vs
industry best practices
(costs and service).

Contract Reviews

Search and select sites, logistics services & technology


Outsourcing can yield significant benefits, but selecting the right partner and location is critical when sourcing key business functions such as warehousing, transportation, systems (WMS/TMS), and materials handling equipment. The repercussions of choosing the wrong partner or location can be substantial.


Finding the ideal partner is a challenging task, particularly because management teams often lack the experience in this area and must balance it with their daily responsibilities to keep operations running smoothly. Fix Logistix alleviates this burden by handling the groundwork and overseeing the entire process.


Upon collaboratively defining your business requirements and objectives in greater detail, we establish selection criteria and identify potential business partners together. We then assist in managing the tendering, due diligence, and down-selection processes.


Utilizing our "cost vs function matrix" approach, we ensure well-informed, fact-based decision-making at every stage. Additionally, if desired, we provide transition support for contract negotiation and implementation.

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